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Bitwinner Features

Next generation of advanced solution for global money transaction


The Bitwinner coin for processing of transaction with fluctuating value.


A beneficial referral programme with good benefits for users in network.


A special Lending programme with lending referral and lending benefits.


Bitwinner with its own exchanger and will also be listed in top Exchange.


Stake your Bitwinner with an amazing income and constant coin growth.

What is Bitwinner

BWC is a global retail trading platform built on Blockchain's distributed ledger technology.

Bitwinner uniquely connects business owners with buyers on a global scale by leveraging the security, transparency, and speed of Blockchain via XBRL data, Altman Z-score formula, smart contracts and stable fiat-pegged tokens.

Bitwinner will globalise what is currently a very localised and limited market sector, and in the process will disrupt the financial marketplace.

Bitwinner Exchange

Bitwinner Exchange goes live on Jan 27, 2018, users will be able to: view live market information and historical prices; buy and sell BWC from other users; exchange BWC for BTC ; and track pending and completed orders.

The Bitwinner Exchange functions like any other exchange and only requires a Bitwinner Coin e-wallet for users to begin transacting. Additionally with the use of Under Process Merchant API , merchants will be able to settle purchases with BWC through the Bitwinner payment processing gateway

Bitwinner experts

Some of the major features that make Bitwinner more reliable and work with a Confidence within


Immediate funding without third-parties.


Smart contracts autonomously perform funding.


All transactions are transparently recorded onto Blockchain.


Complete dependency on the system advanced technology.


User friendly approach with the complete functional system .

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Upcoming Exchanger

Bitwinner will be associating with top Exchange platforms , few of them are lined up shortly.